Weightlifting Wednesday

Growth & Development

A. Clean + Front Squat x 3 ( for those who want to work on cleans ) ** those who have still yet to take a lifting class and cannot perform this movement … 3 front squat off rack

Every 2:00 x 5 sets building

B1. DB bench press x 10 reps

B2. 50 ft. L KB overhead walk  + 50 ft R KB overhead walk HEAVY  (Lock out entire arm** focus is shoulder stability)

B3. 1:00 plank hold w/ weight x 4 sets

C. Run x 5 sets

100m run HARD EFFORTS + 1:00 rest between sets



A. Clean + 3 front squats every 2:00 x 5 sets HEAVY building to a tough set

B1. 100m Sand bag run

+ 1:00 rest

B2. 50 ft OH walking lunge DB up left side DB front rack right side

+ 30 rest

B3. 50 ft OH walking lunge DB up right side DB front rack left side

+ 1:00  rest

B4.50 ft Backwards sled pulls as heavy as possible

+ 1:00-2:00  rest

x 5 sets

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