Growth & Development

A. Clean Grip Deadlift x 6 reps @ 5151 x 3 sets resting as needed šŸ™‚

B. EMOM x 8:00

Single Arm Russian KB swings AS HEAVY AS POSSIBLEĀ  8/8

C. 21/15/9

DB Thruster

Row Cals

+100m run between sets



A. Back Squat 3×3 @ 88% of our 3RM tester šŸ™‚ ALMOST THERE GUYS!Ā  Ā Trust the process retests are going to be FIRE

B. EMOM x 8:00

Split Jerk x 1 repĀ  Building again! We’veĀ  been doing 2 .. lets build this !!


Power Snatch 95/65

Lateral Burpee

+100m run between sets

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