Growth & Development

A. RDL x 6 HEAVY reps x 5 sets

B1. Bench Press x 2 reps Heavier than last week

B2. Ring FLR :20 seconds (superset these two movements) + 1-2:00 rest x 4 sets

C. Assault Bike Sprints x :20 seconds + 2:00 rest x 6 sets ( PLEASE SPRINT.. EARN THE REST)



A. Back squat 5×5 @ + 5-10lbs from last weeks 75% (3RM weight) ***please record weights for each week build out

B. Clean (pause at shin + pause above knee x 3 seconds each) Squat + Jerk  Building from 75% OF 1RM  every 90 seconds x failure or heavy enough without breaking form

C.  3 Rounds for time

500m row

16  unbroken KBS  53/35

8 Burpee box jump over

** Go for this, move fast and smooth!

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