About Crossfit Turf

At CrossFit Turf we want everyone to feel at home.

We want the feeling of comfort.  With that being said, we want you comfortable with being uncomfortable!

What makes us stand out is the way our programs are designed.

Corrin offers 3 different phases of programming.

These classes are all run together keeping that community feeling within our walls!  We want everyone to feel comfortable enough to come in and get their fitness on.

Growth and Development

Growth and Development phase which will focus on strength and conditioning.


Performance phase is your average crossfitter and crossfit classes, working with strength and conditioning as well as incorporating the olympic lifts.


Competition phase which focuses on the individual who is excelling in the sport of crossfit.  We do this because we take pride in being injury free and not letting anyone advance to a level of fitness that is not right for them.

CrossFit Turf also offers strength programs and weightlifting!
Youth team training is their specialty.

Matt and Corrin, Baystate Barbell Club owners work together to get people strong! ENOUGH SAID!  They have one of the best weightlifting facilities around to offer and a top notch training team to grind with!
If interesting in team strength and conditioning,  Olympic lifting or powerlifting check out the Barbell site!

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